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Passion – ‘Worthy Of Your Name’ album review
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Passion – ‘Worthy Of Your Name’ album review

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For those of us unable to attend the annual Passion Conference, this time of year comes with great anticipation of being able to recapture the praise and adoration of Jesus in song by thousands of unashamed worshipers. For this mostly-live edition (the album is capped by a studio version of “Worthy Of Your Name” and “This We Know”), there are certainly moments where Worthy Of Your Name (buy) will allow listeners to participate and feel like they are actually in the Georgia Dome—site of the 2017 conference—along with thirty-thousand-plus. Domes are loud, and the album bears witness to recounts of this historic building experiencing some of its highest decibel numbers…ever. When you’ve got the likes of Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and even a sit-in guest such as Hillsong UNITED, you expect the name of Christ to be sung and proclaimed to deafening levels. Emotional, passionate, reverent, and heart-felt are words best described by the contents on this edition—no doubt a direct translation of the experience from those two days in Atlanta.


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