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Nicole C. Mullen – ‘Like Never Before’ album review
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Nicole C. Mullen – ‘Like Never Before’ album review

Nicole C. Mullen, CCM Magazine - image

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The legendary singer-worship leader-songstress-performer extraordinaire Nicole C. Mullen returns with her most bold effort to date in Like Never Before (buy). There are many highlights of note on her first full-length release in five years. Beginning with “Greater Still,” this performance will once again pluck the heart-strings of “Redeemer” fans worldwide. Continuing on with what we’ll simply call the “Diva” section of the album, “Arise,” “Unforgettable” (yes, a Nat King Cole cover), the anthemic “ONE,” and “Olorun” serve to confirm Mullen’s well-established place as one of the most talented and unique artists in Christian music. Adding to the timbre of Like Never Before—and providing more fuel for her “Baby Girls Club” activism—come the tracks “Like Never Before” and the previously release “Hey Girl,” which further prove Mullen’s timeless approach and ageless creativity (like, these dance grooves are legit!). Longtime fans will feel welcome here, while Like Never Before will simultaneously usher in an all-new, younger fan base.


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