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Nic Gonzales – ‘My Life Is Yours’ album review
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Nic Gonzales – ‘My Life Is Yours’ album review

Nic Gonzales, CCM Magazine - imageMaking his solo premiere apart from the long-lived group, Salvador, Nic Gonzales offers up a six-song EP entitled My Life Is Yours. The aptly titled project is a homegrown mixture of pop, folk, and vocal virtuoso complete with Gonzales’ wife, Jaci Velasquez, who collaborates on the album. Salvador fans will enjoy learning a new side to their favorite front man as the EP showcases all the new feels. The EP is a perfect Father’s Day soundtrack, as we are allowed an inside look into life lessons being passed from generation to generation in the Gonzales family—a deeply personal project, yet applicable to everyone within earshot. Additionally, it was announced that all of the proceeds of My Life Is Yours will benefit the Tennessee Autism organization, all the more reason to pick up a handful of this collection for any occasion.

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