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Newsboys – ‘God’s Not Dead, Greatest Hits’ album review
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Newsboys – ‘God’s Not Dead, Greatest Hits’ album review

Michael Tait, Newsboys, Peter Furler, CCM Magazine - imageGiven a history that dates back to the late ‘80s, there are countless Newsboys compilations in the marketplace with the latest piggybacking off the platinum sales of the smash single turned movie God’s Not Dead. After leading off with that faith-fueling anthem, the collection switches between several of the group’s infectious pop/rock hits (“Born Again,” “Something Beautiful,” “Wherever We Go”) and a few straightforward worship covers. Though it showcases both current singer Michael Tait and previous leader Peter Furler, the fact that it only goes as far back as 2006’s Go means smash songs such as “Entertaining Angels,” “It Is You” and “He Reigns” are excluded, along with the entire John James era (“Shine,” “Breakfast,” “Not Ashamed”). In actuality, God’s Not Dead – The Greatest Hits of the Newsboys should be subtitled Volume 2 or labeled with the years it encompasses, rather than being mistaken as even remotely comprehensive. However, those who seek out this collection as simply a second chapter summary are likely to find that both as a band and a brand, the Newsboys are just as energetic and inspiring as ever.

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