Nathan Sheridan ‘Broken With You’ Album Review
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“Broken With You”

Nathan Sheridan ‘Broken With You’ Album Review

Nathan Sheridan
Broken With You
(Burtonwood Records)

Informed by a moving testimony of heartbreak and adversity, Broken With You finds Pensacola native Nathan Sheridan making his Burtonwood Records debut. With producer duties helmed by Seventh Day Slumber’s Jeremy Holderfield, Sheridan unpacks a musical template that plays with multiple soundscapes while offering up lyrics that alternate between being autobiographical and outright worshipful.

The title track is a clear highlight, toeing both lines lyrically in a tale of learning to trust while showcasing the artist’s stellar pipes. Driven by a warm acoustic guitar, “Again” is another poignant personal offering. Tracks like “Starts With You and Me” and “Nothing But You” fill in the lines with some playful musicianship and radio ready vocals. Likewise, “Who You’ll Always Be” and “Loves Like That” tap into those radio pop-flavored realms and will no doubt find a warm home among listeners.

Musically diverse and thematically centered, Broken With You is a promising debut for Nathan Sheridan.

–Andrew Greenhalgh


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