Liz Vice ‘A Soulful Holiday with Liz Vice’
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Liz Vice ‘A Soulful Holiday with Liz Vice’

Liz Vice
A Soulful Holiday with Liz Vice
(Oro Music)

When it comes to Christmas songs, how important are the original melodies? For instance, is it essential for you to name most holiday tunes in only a few notes? If recognizability is not all that important to you, you’ll probably enjoy A Soulful Holiday with Liz Vice. However, if Christmas tunes are as necessary as Christmas-y lyrics, this three-song EP might trouble you more than comfort you at times.

Vice’s intention was to make soulful Christmas music, rather than recordings that are strictly true-to-their-originals. For instance, she completely changes the melody to “Jingle Bells,” transforming this sleigh ride together into something more akin to a Chaka Khan jam. Also, Vice alters the melody to “Deck The Halls,” singing it in a funky, lower vocal register. Only one of these three holiday songs somewhat resembles the song you’ve come to know and love. It’s “Joy To The World,” and it’s the sole track you can sing along with upon first listen.

Nobody wants Christmas music that sounds phoned in. The reason why many people dread radio’s full embrace of holiday music during the Christmas season, is that we’ve already heard all of these songs so many times, they’ve become repetitively boring. So, kudos to Vice for trying something different. Perry Como Christmas music (the polar opposite to what Vice has done here) may be a helpful tool when trying to get the kiddies to fall asleep on Christmas eve, but it is the equivalent to warm milk before bed for adults. However, Vice could have just as easily grooved up these songs without also sacrificing their melodic integrity. Yes, this a case of just a little bit too much creative license.

—Dan MacIntosh

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