I AM THEY ‘Faithful God’
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I AM THEY ‘Faithful God’

Faithful God

When they were writing the songs that make up their third album, Faithful God, I AM THEY couldn’t have imagined they’d be releasing them during a time of a continuing pandemic in a world of uncertainty, fear, and doubt. What’s clear, though, is that these are just the songs we need for such a time as this.

Faithful God is an album of trust, confidence, and joy. Those sentiments are not naïve; they have been learned in a band that has encountered lineup changes, uncertainty about the future, and personal loss. The album is a proclamation: we can make it to the other side, and we’re never alone on the journey.

Musically, these are catchy three-minute pop songs, with strong diversity in vocals and tempo. Production is sleek, with fewer and fewer hints at the band’s folk roots. “Freedom” is a hand-clapping gospel anthem, “Lift My Eyes” is an emotional, reassuring piano ballad, and “Holding on to Hope” is the sort of rousing, celebratory romp that shows the harmony and instrumentation I AM THEY are capable of. The band would be wise to lean into this sound in future writing.

—Mark Geil


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