Ellie Holcomb ‘Canyon’
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Ellie Holcomb ‘Canyon’

Ellie Holcomb
(Capitol CMG)
Release date: June 25, 2021

Ellie Holcomb brings back sweet childhood memories with the opening song, “I Don’t Want To Miss It,” from her Canyon album. She sings about climbing up high on a sycamore tree, which is exactly what the Bible character Zacchaeus did get a better view of Jesus. Many of us sang about this New Testament story with the song, “Zacchaeus Was A Wee Little Man.” Of course, looking back on it now, referring to Zacchaeus’ limited height seems a tad politically incorrect to modern minds. However, there is no political incorrectness found on Holcomb’s enjoyable new worship-centered album. Instead, there are plenty of lyrically deep worshipful songs.

Holcomb seeks and sees the beauty of God’s love, even during our many times dark and drab world. On one track titled “Color,” she sings joyfully of how “this world is made of color.” The Bible tells us, “Seek and ye shall find.” Far too often, however, we’re unwilling to search out the divine that’s right in our midst. Holcomb, in contrast, intentionally looks for and finds much of the loveliness of her Creator in God’s creation. The song ends with churchy organ, which also gives it a hymn-like quality. Holcomb is joined by her fellow artist (and husband) Drew Holcomb for an especially beautiful parenthood song called “Mine.” It features a sparse arrangement driven by acoustic piano. Through it, these two parents sing of how they loved their child even before the child’s birth.

Canyon is a worship album that is unlike most other worship albums. Although many contemporary praise songs offer up overt declarations of adoration, Ellie Holcomb is rarely quite so conspicuous when she worships. Instead, she applies lyrical poetry to creatively express her sincere heart of worship, which makes Canyon a true work of art.

—Dan MacIntosh

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