Charlie Peacock ‘Skin and Wind’
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(RB MacNeel Music)

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“Waiting is the Plan”
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Charlie Peacock ‘Skin and Wind’

Charlie Peacock
Skin and Wind
(RB MacNeel Music)

For those that fondly recall those breakthrough Charlie Peacock Cornerstone Festival performances, back when he was a much younger man, it may be difficult to accept how he’s now aged into one of Christian music’s elder statesmen. Then again, even back then, Peacock came off wise beyond his years. With Skin and Wind, Peacock sounds like he’s picking up right where he left off with those memorable trio (Peacock, Jimmy Abegg, Vince Ebo) appearances. After many years of expertly producing acts like The Civil Wars and recording jazz instrumental projects, Peacock has returned in full to dispensing spiritual wisdom with that familiar Smokey Robinson-like vocal tone.

Although Peacock once shared a label with pioneering alternative acts, which included The 77s and Vector, his musical style was rarely as sonically adventurous as his labelmates. However, he has a way of speaking right into his listeners’ hearts with disarming sincerity, which sets him far above so much other disposable and undemanding contemporary Christian music. With Skin and Wind, Peacock sings wisdom to us again, like a friend.

Lyrically, Peacock doesn’t clog his new songs with unnecessary Christian lingo. Nevertheless, he teaches and preaches patience with “Waiting is the Plan,” and references 1 Corinthians 13:13 with “Faith, Hope & Love.” Even the electric guitar riff driving “Never Be Another One,” leans toward the softer side of rock & roll. They say if you really want to get someone’s attention, you should whisper. Similarly, Peacock’s quiet approach is a paradoxical attention-grabber.

Best of all, this new Charlie Peacock music is like a welcome voice of calm, and a much-needed balm for our turbulent times.

—Dan MacIntosh

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