Mosaic MSC ‘Heaven’ Album Review
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“Voice Memo (Heaven on Earth)”

Mosaic MSC ‘Heaven’ Album Review

Mosaic MSC
(Essential Worship)

Helmed by worship pastor Mariah McManus and the eclectic production of Chad Copelin (Kelly Clarkson, Sufjan Stevens), Mosaic MSC seeks to draw listeners into an exploration of the celestial—not only as a destination but as a place here and now—on their latest release, Heaven. Fueling those efforts are airy atmospheric jams like “Mercy” and the slowly building “Engraved” while synth-laden album closer “15” delivers radio ready vertical praise sure to delight fans.

It’s when the collective turns to places more introspective and intimate that they truly shine. “Eyes on You” is a fine case in point, while subtle instrumentation and ethereal vocals carrying the message of God’s love and presence. Likewise, the stripped down “fly on the wall” vibe of “Voice Memo (Heaven on Earth)” delivers in its warm intimacy, letting the simplicity of a live piano and earnest vocals steal the show.

Continuing to stretch their creative legs, Mosaic MSC deliver yet another engaging listen with Heaven.

–Andrew Greenhalgh


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