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Matthew West – ‘All In’ album review
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Matthew West – ‘All In’ album review

Matthew West, CCM Magazine - image

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From one of the best artists around who can deliver the most rhythmic and catchiest of melodies and hooks, Matthew West truly has gone all in for this latest LP. Like the cover art indicates, West dives-in with reckless abandon on All In (buy), and adds to his growing collection of some of Christian music’s all-time favorite albums. Making a left-turn from the formula taken on his last two releases, West still holed-up in a woodsy cabin to write All In‘s material, however this offering is a little more personal to him, specifically. For instance, “The Sound Of A Life Changing” opens up with a fun memory of West’s formidable years watching Steven Curtis Chapman in concert and hearing the God’s call to follow in his footsteps, leading to “Something Greater,” which is more of West telling from his own life story. Even his daughter Lulu makes an appearance on the record (“Becoming Me”), lending to the sentiments expressed on “The Beautiful Things We Miss,” a ballad coming from a father’s point-of-view. Of course, all of this is not lost on his signature honesty, energy, and soulful fervor for living into his calling. You really get the sense that West means it when he proclaims on All In, in that if he had just “1 Song,” he would sing it for God alone—certainly something to go all out for, or in the least to your online record store for immediate downloading.


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After both on-stage and front-office experience in the Christian recording industry, (including co-founding Exit 3 Entertainment, Inc. and General Manager of hip-hop label Beatmart Recordings), Sparkman returned to Salem in 2014 from a Dir. of Communications position in the United Methodist Church. He became the Managing Editor of CCM Magazine in January 2015.

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