Matthew Parker ‘Daydreamer’ Album Review
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(Dream Records)

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Matthew Parker ‘Daydreamer’ Album Review

Matthew Parker
(Dream Records)

Better known for his EDM flavorings in the past, Matthew Parker flips the tables this time out on his sophomore release, Daydreamer, putting his pop sensibilities front and center. The EDM notes are still there but serve to fill in the background on the artist’s ambitious 16-track release for Dream Records. That ambition pays off as Parker delivers a strong pop listen.

The artist’s production skills are clearly well honed as the songs on Daydreamer shine with his bright touch? The electronic notes accent his tight vocals on tracks like “Breathe” and upbeat encourager, “Braver,” while the low key “Bittersweet” and “I Miss U” showcase his lyrical skills, touching on some poignant real-life topics. Holly Starr makes an appearance on the upbeat jam “Paradise” as Austin Lanier lends his flow to the self-deprecating “Every Other Day.” Each artist provides some solid vocal contrast.

Packed with tight beats, smooth vocals, and great pop flavors, Parker’s Daydreamer is poised to make a big splash.

–Andrew Greenhalgh

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