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Matt Price – ‘Dream EP’ album review
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“Beautiful Now”

Matt Price – ‘Dream EP’ album review

Matt Price, Dream, CCM Magazine - imageComing with his signature and extremely unique vocal delivery, singer-songwriter and Nashville producer, Matt Price, gives us his latest offering—an EP entitled Dream. While pursuing a personal dream several years ago, Price moved to Music City as a newlywed and began pounding the pavement as a songwriter, eventually getting opportunities to collaborate with some of the most seasoned writers in town. It sounds like the hard work and experience has paid off, as the album’s six tracks showcase an artist approaching the top of his game. Even as a producer himself, his own EP expresses a collection of works that are expertly and tastefully done, or in other words, not over-cooked. That being said, there were a few moments where we were expecting a little more “punch” or “bang” from the overall production, after all, it’s a very synthy-pop record versus being led by more acoustic guitars or strings (think Ryan Tedder vs. Sting). Still, we think you will love his approach and we await more creative projects from this talented up-and-comer.

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