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MARi – ‘Treasure’ album review
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MARi – ‘Treasure’ album review

MARi, CCM Magazine - image

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Like many single-named singer/songwriters, New York’s MARi sounds like a superstar in the making throughout this vibrant debut. She displays a slick blend of pop, dance, reggae and Latin rhythms, while always ensuring a spiritually-grounded message at every energetic burst. Though MARi’s impossible to pinpoint, Treasure is a blast to play and it achieves cohesion thanks to her joyful vocals and several personal stories relating to God’s faithfulness. In addition to singing in English, the newcomer is also just as proficient when Spanish pops up in a few places, suggesting she possesses the greatest potential for a multi-market crossover since Jaci Velasquez or Rachael Lampa.

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