Louie Giglio: ‘Winsome: A Life That Leads The Way’ DVD review
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Louie Giglio: ‘Winsome: A Life That Leads The Way’ DVD review

Pastor and innovative church leader Louie Giglio launches his Winsome DVD, a collection of five “talks” that are boiled down to one simple thought: for viewers to confidently tell others about the gospel in and around their communities. On the expansion of the message of Matthew 28:19, and the series’ namesake, Giglio states “What people need most is Jesus. The challenge is simple, live a life that proclaims the gospel in order to ‘win some’ to Christ.” It’s difficult to put a rating on something like this—the message is both crucial and timeless. Giglio himself is an anointed communicator and his sermons are always engaging—for this he consistently scores high in our opinion. In terms of this particular product, if you’re going for something in the Nooma genre, this isn’t it. Winsome, although rich in content, has a lot of it—each talk is presented as it was recorded, a la Sunday morning-style preaching, all at around fifty minutes in length. We encourage all church leaders to add this resource to their library, however there might be better alternatives for small group/congregational presentations.

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