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Ledger – ‘Ledger EP’ album review
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Ledger – ‘Ledger EP’ album review

Ledger, Jen Ledger, CCM Magazine - image

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From the moment we heard Jen Ledger’s powerful voice on Skillet’s single “Hero,” we knew she was something special. The UK-born drummer joined the band at 18 years old, and has since toured the world, grown as a musician, and found plenty of her own fans along the way. So it’s only natural that almost a decade later she’s ready to soar in her debut solo project, the Ledger EP (buy). Initially, it’s so hard to not compare this to Skillet right away, it should be noted that John and Korey Cooper were close supporters and collaborators, co-writing, guest singing, and co-producing in various places. But listen closer, and you’ll find a wholly unique project, with a strong synth-pop influence and personal songwriting running through the six tracks. Openers “I’m Not Dead Yet” and “Warrior” are powerful rock anthems that recall her main gig, but the synths in “BOLD” and “Foreigner” play around with apparent pop influences that set her apart from her hard rock-based employers. Ledger EP accomplishes a lot in such a short run-time. It’s smart and fun. It rocks and it sometimes makes you want to dance. It shows the range and breadth of Ledger’s skills while playing to her strengths. Most of all, it’s a collection of empowering anthems that leaves you excited to hear what’s next in this new phase of her career.

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