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Katy Kinard – ‘God Of Fireflies’ album review
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Katy Kinard – ‘God Of Fireflies’ album review

Katy Kinard, CCM Magazine - image

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The intricacies found in lyricist-vocalist Katy Kinard’s latest offering God Of Fireflies (buy) are about as bountiful as those winged little buggers themselves, found buzzing about a mid-summer’s night. Speaking of fireflies, what an excellent metaphor to describe this album, light on—bouncy and bright, and light off—heavy and dark. Our favorite moments are the lighter ones, showcased on tracks like “God Of Fireflies,” “Sunshine,” and “Human For Me,” where Kinard uses a lullabye-like tone to describe her thankfulness for Jesus’ life as a child (a very interesting perspective, a must-listen). “Be Like You” is more smart word-smithing and was inspired by a conversation between Mother Teresa and a mother from the United States.

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