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Josh Baldwin – ‘The War Is Over’ album review
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Josh Baldwin – ‘The War Is Over’ album review

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Bringing forth a collection of new worship songs with his debut Bethel Music album, the theme, “new,” has been peculiarly swirling around singer-songwriter-worship leader Josh Baldwin and his family as of late. In fact, it was a recent east-to-west coast move for the Baldwin’s that inspired the elements found in The War Is Over (buy). With songs like “You’re My Home” and “Found In You” speaking to this theme in particular, title track “The War Is Over” and “Endlessly” are sure-fire anthems we will all be singing for years to come. Providing for a slight tilt on the Bethel Music sound, Baldwin brings a bit of his own unique southern flair into the mix, especially heard on tracks “Fountains” and “Abraham”—but the blend feels organic, and the album expectedly swells with the rich textures of electric guitars and strings we’ve come to love.


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