Jonny Diaz ‘Sweetness and Sorrow’ Album Review
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Jonny Diaz ‘Sweetness and Sorrow’ Album Review

Jonny Diaz
Sweetness and Sorrow
(Centricity Music) 

Sweetness and Sorrow is the latest project from Jonny Diaz, the chart-topping artist that brought us hits like, “More Beautiful You.” This six-song EP is a freshly cooked batch of catchy acoustic melodies anchored in themes of empowerment and family life.

The album opens with the upbeat “Broken People” and closes with the prayerful pop ballad, “Need You Always.” In between is the worship-lite, feel-good, “Let Faith Move You.” The most poignant moment is the track “Watch You Be a Mother,” a tribute to Diaz’s wife Libby, in which he sings about how watching her mother their children makes him swoon like a southern belle in a corset (or something like that).

Overall, the album is an honest journey in acoustic pop. His family-centered lyrics are down to earth and relatable and should appeal to others in his age group—first-wave millennials settling deep into parenting and married life.

—Layla Velasquez

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