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Jeremy Riddle – ‘More’ album review
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"No Fear In Your Love"
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Jeremy Riddle – ‘More’ album review

Jeremy Riddle, CCM Magazine - image

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With all of the creative prowess Jeremy Riddle has been blessed with, to be releasing his first solo effort in more than seven years, we have to believe that these collection of songs really mean something. Riddle confirms this, stating, “Every single song carries significance, it has a story…[they all come] from an authentic place.” The sonics match this sentiment, as More (buy) encompasses all that we’ve come to love from Bethel Music‘s style of anthemic worship on through to some really well-produced power pop. “Yeshua,” an instrumental overture akin to a u2 or Coldplay extension rounds all of this out and invokes our ongoing quest to go deeper with God. “No Fear In Your Love,” “Even If (All The More),” “Love On Fire,” and the album’s title track mark the most significant departures from the Sunday-set vibe, but Riddle performs these masterfully, leaving us wanting more of that particular timbre.


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