Jeff Johnson & Phil Keaggy ‘Cappadocia’ Review
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Jeff Johnson & Phil Keaggy ‘Cappadocia’ Review

Jeff Johnson & Phil Keaggy
(Ark Music)

Inspired by a recent trip to central Turkey to the spiritual haven known as Cappadocia, Jeff Johnson again enlists musical visionary Phil Keaggy for their third collaboration. Utilizing their immense talents and enjoying a longtime friendship, Johnson and Keaggy seek to draw poignant instrumental pictures that capture the beauty and deep spirituality Johnson experienced on his trip. Featuring eight tracks in all, the album is best consumed in one sitting, letting the tracks play over you like a movie soundtrack.

The title track sets the tone early, as Eastern flavors roll along courtesy of Keaggy’s distinctive chumbus lines while the scripturally inspired “Quo Vadis (Where Are You Going)?” follows suit. The new age-styled textures allow both artists talents to shine. With hints of subtle drama infusing “Valley of Swords and Roses” things settle into a place of quiet beauty with “Parousia (A Presence).” A perfect showcase for his fingerstyle playing, “Chapel of Stone” is vintage Keaggy which explores multiple soundscapes while “Trinity” closes things out sublimely with its ethereal ambient textures.

The third time’s a charm for Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy on Cappadocia, a record which finds them both at the top of their game and delivering a compelling listen that reveals more and more with each spin.

—Andrew Greenhalgh

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