Jed and Claire Seneca ‘Carry You Through’ Album Review
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(Frethouse Records)

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“She’s Holdin’ Her Own”

Jed and Claire Seneca ‘Carry You Through’ Album Review

Jed and Claire Seneca
Carry You Through
(Frethouse Records)

Jed and Claire Seneca came onto the scene in the mid-‘90s, earning accolades for their warm country harmonies and heartfelt, faith-filled messages. But ministry called and the couple devoted themselves to serving as church planters in multiple locales. Now they’re back in the saddle again with Carry You Through, picking right up where they left off from years before.

Earnest vocals and a classic country vibe imbue the 1 tracks found here with the rousing “Takin’ A Stand” leading the way with it’s call to a foundation of faith, while “Things We Can Love Without” reminds listeners what’s really important. The tandem puts a country spin on worship covers of “Gracefully Broken” and “Always Have” while putting marital love in the spotlight on the warmhearted “Without You.” But it’s the slice of life story song of “She’s Holdin’ Her Own” that steals the show on the album, reflecting faith amid life’s harsh storms.

With that message, Jed and Claire Seneca have accomplished their mission, once again, to point listeners to the One who will Carry You Through.

–Andrew Greenhalgh

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