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Jason Gray – ‘The Acoustic Sessions’ album review
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Jason Gray – ‘The Acoustic Sessions’ album review

Jason Gray, CCM Magazine - imageAnd now for something completely different (in a very good way)… Jason Gray releases a four-song EP through Centricity Music titled The Acoustic Sessions. A bit of a misleading title in a way, as the stripped-down songs are more sonically-beefed than the expected mic’d-up guitar and thumps from the ‘ol wooden box. Again, this is a good thing, because this session stars with a cover of Imagine Dragons‘ “Believer,” that begins innocently enough, but if anyone follows the Dragons knows the crescendo is coming, and Gray delivers this expertly and in his own way. For the “different” part, a cover of La La Land‘s “City Of Stars” makes an appearance, but shines as bright as Gray’s flawless vocals. Rounded out with staples from his previous release Where The Light Gets In (buy) “I Will Rise Again” and “Thank You For Everything,” if anything, this EP is the perfect place holder between a signature release and Gray’s next classic-to-be.

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