Greg LaFollette ‘Songs of Common Prayer’ Album Review
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(Late Model Leadfoot Music)

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Greg LaFollette ‘Songs of Common Prayer’ Album Review

Greg LaFollette
Songs of Common Prayer
(Late Model Leadfoot Music)

In certain traditions, the Book of Common Prayer occupies a venerable place next to the hymnbook as a tool for worship. It unites congregations in powerful, almost regal prayers, and it solemnifies both everyday worship and particular sacraments and holy days.

Joining just a few others before him—Fernando Ortega comes to mind–Greg LaFollette has written an album of songs inspired by the Book of Common Prayer. In essence, Songs of Common Prayer applies the power of music to the hymnbook’s neighbor on the pew rack.

This is modern worship with an ancient rooting: the first Book of Common Prayer was written in 1549. Congregants already familiar with those prayers will immediately identify with the songs and find them useful for both personal meditation and corporate worship. Guest vocals from Sara Groves, Sarah Masen, and Taylor Leonhardt add depth, and many of the songs maintain a sort of rhythmic breathing not unlike the comforting pulse of a responsive reading.

–Mark Geil

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