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Grace Chapel Worship – ‘So Loved (Live)’ album review
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Grace Chapel Worship – ‘So Loved (Live)’ album review

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Yes, what we have here is another large church releasing an album—so, what’s different? If you’re unfamiliar with the smallish Nashville suburb of Franklin, TN, chances are you’ve never heard of Leipers Fork, Tennessee, either (an unincorporated community located just south of Franklin). A little over twenty years ago this vision of Pastor Steve Berger, after uprooting from Southern California, humbly began with a faithful congregation of dozens now blossoming into a flock of more than 6,000. Among the early few attending youth group services years ago was Jonathan Allen, band leading each week and now head Worship Pastor for Grace Chapel—but there’s more to this story. In a refreshing and unique twist, all twelve tracks on their new album So Loved (Livebuy) are original. With its proximity to Music City, USA, it’s no surprise that this church would boast a strong musical pedigree, but their craft is still very impressive nonetheless. Vocalists/soloists Logan Pringle (who also serves as Youth Worship Dir.) and Amy Lowry, to name just a few, shine on tracks “Crown Him (Forever),” “Name Above,” and “Redeemed,” and, along with the select contingency of voices and band members, also nicely compliment Allen’s overall leadership. Adding even more to this striking project, it was recorded live in Grace Chapel’s main sanctuary, complete with a packed room of congregants lifting their voices. Rounding out this all-encompassing home-grown package, producer Ian Eskelin (About A Mile, Kutless, Francesca Battistelli) helmed the controls, finalizing a set of worship songs that will seamlessly fit into everyone’s worship playlists and rotations.


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