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Ginny Owens – ‘Love Be The Loudest’ album review
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Ginny Owens – ‘Love Be The Loudest’ album review

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Taking a decidedly pop and electronic-leaning approach (alongside her signature piano stylings) throughout Love Be The Loudest (buy) may throw some longtime Ginny Owens fans for a loop at first, but the seasoned singer/songwriter nonetheless succeeds upon initial listen. Sure, the beats might be a little bubblier and many of the choruses burn brighter than more organic-minded material, but her commitment to comfort zone-shattering messages and introspective depth remain. She also has some help from several familiar friends, including Ellie Holcomb, All Sons & Daughters, Meredith Andrews and Andrew Greer (among others), all of whom add to this engaging expansion of an artist who managed to pull off the surely tricky task of making vulnerability sound accessible.


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