GAWVI ‘Panorama’ Album Review
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(Reach Records)

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GAWVI ‘Panorama’ Album Review

(Reach Records)

Call him EDM, electro-pop, hip-hop, or rap—you’ll be right. GAWVI, born Gabriel Alberto Azucena, gives Christian music a much-needed dose of electric energy.

GAWVI rose to prominence as a highly successful producer for acts like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and Trip Lee, but his own musical career is just taking off. GAWVI has roots in El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Miami, and the Bronx, and the sound on his sophomore effort, Panorama, reflects a global understanding of beats—no matter where you’re from on the globe, there’s something for you here.

But GAWVI’s music isn’t all style over substance. The first single from Panorama, “With You,” is a look into GAWVI’s struggle with depression and a call to action to help those who are hurting. “Slingshot” is a high-energy tribute to putting your past to death and celebrating your life in Christ (plus it’s got a great Michael Jackson reference). Overall, Panorama is a solid, genre-bending release that will appeal to anyone, no matter what kind of music they’re into.

–John Barber

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