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Dogs Of Peace – ‘Heel’ album review
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“Light Into The Darkness – Shine Dog”

Dogs Of Peace – ‘Heel’ album review

Dogs Of Peace, CCM Magazine - image

Gordon Kennedy

Dogs Of Peace return and unleash their twenty-year-follow-up to 1996’s Speak with a brand new album of eleven originals, Heel. It’s not like the group has been relegated to the dog house all this time—quite the contrary, actually. The pack of Gordon Kennedy, Jimmie Sloas, Blair Masters, and John Hammond, including Jeff Balding at the controls, literally is a who’s who of musical pedigree, toting a host of accolades most would take 96 years to accomplish (that’s twenty dog years, we did the math). No new tricks needed, Kennedy’s timeless vocals along with stellar musicianship and matchless production keep the dog-and-pony-show at bay, proving their signature brand of rock ‘n roll sits, and stays. If we’re lucky, they’ll throw us another bone before 2036.

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