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David Vaters – ‘A Voice In The Wilderness—Vol. 2’ album review
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David Vaters – ‘A Voice In The Wilderness—Vol. 2’ album review

David Vaters, CCM Magazine - imageIt’s no surprise that there’s a healthy mix of influences in the music of David Vaters, after all, this rootsy, Americana-pure singer-songwriter is, in fact, Canadian-born. The interesting knick-knack’s of facts surrounding Vaters don’t stop there—he has been both writing songs and heading up successful business ventures since the tender age of fifteen. Once offered a development deal on RCA Records out of Canada when he was a teenager, his family discouraged him from dropping out of school, which, in a very (very) short story, has led him full-circle to here. Dabbling in music in both full-and-part-time capacities his entire life, Vaters heeded a very distinct call from the Lord recently to be intentional about writing and recording what has manifested itself in A Voice In The Wilderness, a two-volume set that culminates with this Volume 2 release. If you’re expecting straight-arrow contemporary Christian and angelic choir-boy vocals…don’t. But if you appreciate raw honesty, Vaters’ lyrics, delivery, and relatability are as tried-and-true (and reliable) as the tattered and worn Bible sitting on your grandparent’s end table. No shortcuts, however, were taken on production, which features a host of award-winning artists and producers. If you enjoy unfiltered artistry in the vein of Van Morrison and Gordon Lightfoot, you’ll love these debut projects from this seasoned performer.

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