David Dunn ‘Star’ Album Review
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(BEC Recordings)

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David Dunn ‘Star’ Album Review

David Dunn
(BEC Recordings)

All too often, Christmas music comes across as homogenous and rote, with different artists singing the same songs over the same arrangements. All of which leaves listeners wanting more. That’s why it’s great to have artists like David Dunn sweep in with Star, his latest EP and deliver us a perfectly wrapped, five-track package that reclaims the artistry of Christmas.

Comprised of three covers and two originals, Dunn starts off the proceedings with a stark, minimalist take on “Oh Holy Night” that puts the focus on the time-tested lyrics. What follows is a standout rendition of Handel’s “Hallelujah,” reworked into a smooth slow jam that bears multiple repeats. From there, a Future of Forestry-esque “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” rounds out the covers.

Dunn’s originals don’t disappoint either, with “Snowflake” rocking some tight beats over against a lyric that celebrates God’s love and care. “Star” is more organic in its delivery, exploring the thoughts of those who witnessed the Christmas star burning bright over Bethlehem. For those in need of something fresh and exciting to listen to this holiday season, David Dunn’s Star is a welcome sight in the musical sky.

–Andrew Greenhalgh

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