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Daniel Bashta – ‘My Resurrection’ album review
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Daniel Bashta – ‘My Resurrection’ album review

Daniel Bashta, CCM Magazine - image

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Hard to imagine that a songwriter as acclaimed for writing such anthems as “God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion)” and others for artists like Third DayCrowderPassionJesus Culture—to name a few—would be cast out of the fold of a church he helped to build for being “too creative,” of all things. Seemingly as a response to this, while also bringing with him a lifetime of missionary and ministry work, Bashta has created My Resurrection (buy). The beginning of this live album, recorded at Atlanta’s RiverStone Church, sets the foundation for an album drenched in praise to Jesus. By the time we get to Track 3 of eight songs (“Drenched In Love”), listeners will be enamored by the heartfelt passion poured in to the spirit of the project. From the onset of the opening track “Thank  You Jesus (feat. Matt Jackson)” to “Bellows Of Praise,” Bashta’s focus is crystal clear: Let it be Jesus, only Jesus / All that I am, and all that’s within / Let it be Jesus. In fact, it’s not until around the middle of song number four, “Praise The Lord, Rejoice (feat. EB Cole),” that it really begins to groove with percussion and full band—but the intentional moments produced here are so well crafted and honest, that’s not even really needed or missed. It’s albums and artists like these that are an inspiration and reminder of what—and Who—we are all in this for.

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