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Citizen Way – ‘2.0’ album review
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“Set It On Fire”

Citizen Way – ‘2.0’ album review

Citizen Way, CCM Magazine - imageGet ready for an onslaught of anthems as Citizen Way turns in its second long player, which finds the guys even more seasoned than the first time around following three years of tireless touring. Indeed, songs such as “Elevated,” “Bigger” and “Set It On Fire” are nothing short of epic, just begging to be sung in a stadium thanks to their towering choruses, monstrous hooks and trendy alternative pop sensibilities. Yet even amidst the party of spiritually sound positivity, Citizen Way turns introspective at times, most notably on “When I’m With You,” a song that finds front man Ben Calhoun finding solace in Psalms after the heartbreaking miscarriage of his son.

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