Christon Gray ‘Clear the Heir’ Review
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(Fo Yo Soul Recordings/Essential Sound)

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Christon Gray ‘Clear the Heir’ Review

Christon Gray
Clear the Heir
(Fo Yo Soul Recordings/Essential Sound)

Christon Gray is on the rise. The rapper/R&B hitmaker hit the scene in a big way with “Stop Me,” and now his new album, Clear the Heir, is set to make huge waves. Gray made his name with bumping, danceable anthems that are primed for crossover success, and the video for the first single, “Time Out,” features pro athletes like Mike Conley and Ty Montgomery.

But that doesn’t mean the whole record feels like the inside of a club. The quieter songs on the album are where Gray really shines. “Take Me to the Water (feat. Brian Reith)” is a sophisticated meditation on finding restoration in Christ, and the autobiographical “Gray” allows him to show off his flow while pouring out his heart about sacrificial love.

In fact, if your only exposure to Christon Gray is the anthems that have graced video games and films, you’re in for a huge surprise with his tenderness, vocal ability, and passion to spread God’s love.

–John Barber

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