Chris August: ‘The Maker’ album review
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Fervent Records

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Matt Wertz, Steven Curtis Chapman, Brandon Heath

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"Just The Same"

Chris August: ‘The Maker’ album review

There’s a distinctly personal feel to Chris August’s new album, but he retains his signature pitch-perfect pop sound on The Maker. There’s the fun and upbeat love song, “I’m in Love with You,” and the radio-ready “Just the Same,” which utilizes strong songwriting and melodies. “Muddy Waters” harkens back to his more soulful roots (seen clearly on his last record), and this organ-heavy tune nicely rounds out the collection. “Paradise” feels akin to many of singer/songwriter Matt Wertz’s songs, and the songwriting and piano meld together in perfect measure. The only faltering, “Drop Your Stone” relies on quite a bit of cliched songwriting and an underwhelming melody line, but it’s a minor fault on such a tightly woven project. It concludes with “Something,” which is the best showcase of his subtle maturation, with more tonal control and a smart and graceful arrangement to go along with it. Overall, yet another incredibly strong and diverse project from Chris whose vocal just continues to be exquisite.

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