Catch The Fire Music ‘Presence’ Review
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(The Fuel Music)

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Catch The Fire Music ‘Presence’ Review

Catch The Fire Music
Presence (Live From Toronto)
(The Fuel Music)

Recorded live at Catch The Fire Toronto, the birthplace of the “Toronto Blessing” nearly twenty-five years ago, Catch The Fire Music debuts their first collective effort with Presence (Live From Toronto). Featuring a roster of artists from across the world, the recording captures a raw and uncensored look at passionate worship in action, showcasing a spontaneous joy and fervor that proves this is still hallowed ground.

While many albums ease into their points of “deeper” worship, here it’s right into the deep end with the spontaneous opener “Who the Son Sets Free,” anchored by Chris and Summer Shealy, a vibe that only gains strength as “Upper Room + (Spontaneous)” keeps things rolling, as Summer Shealy’s urgent and impassioned vocals steal the show. Jonathan Clarke’s “Affection Devotion” is equally soulful as Amber Brooks’ take on the familiar “To Worship You I Live” while Steve Tebb’s turn on “You Are Good” is a slow-building barnburner of worshipful energy.

Packed with honest, earnest worship, Catch The Fire Music truly does challenge their listeners to catch fire for the Savior with the anthemic praise found on Presence (Live From Toronto).

–Andrew Greenhalgh

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