Casting Crowns ‘Only Jesus’ Album Review
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“One Awkward Moment”
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Casting Crowns ‘Only Jesus’ Album Review

Casting Crowns
Only Jesus

It’s with a small bit of good-natured irony that Mark Hill sings of not wanting to be a legacy on the title track of Casting Crowns’ latest studio effort, Only Jesus.

Ever humble, the front man of Christian music’s arguably most iconic group is creating an indelible legacy with each note and word on this record. True to form, the group that set the standard for meaningful worship mainstays raises the bar on this album. Each line and phrase is intentional, without a measure wasted.

Here, the group who once asked, “If we are the body…?” challenges the church, its intentions and its efforts on “Start Right Here.” Throughout their esteemed tenure, their roles as youth pastors have informed and influenced their songwriting, as is evidenced on this record, particularly on the powerful, “One Awkward Moment.” A cameo from Matthew West also sweetens the vibrant collection.

In all, nothing is surprising or groundbreaking sonically or otherwise, but there doesn’t have to be. Only Jesus is every bit like the group behind it—unequivocally, unflinchingly solid.

Caroline Lusk

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