Bryan Andrew Wilson “This Time” Album Review
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Bryan Andrew Wilson “This Time” Album Review

Bryan Andrew Wilson
This Time
(Bryan’s Songs/CE Music)

“This Time,” things will be different, proclaims Bryan Andrew Wilson on the title track of his new EP. The song’s lyrics are an Ebenezer of sorts, declaring a new boldness in a life free from fear and guilt, and built on love.

But for Wilson, who grew up with a deep musical pedigree and came to fame as a child singing with the Mississippi Children’s Choir, things are different this time musically as well. His has been a career of comebacks. Wilson is a versatile artist who has infused a variety of styles into a bright and earnest gospel sound. Here, the music is (at times) flavored with pop and funk. Auto-Tune is used a bit too liberally in places, but fans will enjoy the newer sound (“This Time”) alongside more traditional gospel “Love Always.”

This is about as short as an EP gets; three of the four songs are unique and the fourth is a reimagined take on the title track. Despite the brevity, the lyrics follow a consistent theme of gratitude for past rescue and hope for the future.

–Mark Geil

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