Ben & Noelle ‘Kilgore A Resting Place’ Album Review
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(Integrity Music)

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Jenny and Tyler, All Sons and Daughters

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“Oh My Soul”

Ben & Noelle ‘Kilgore A Resting Place’ Album Review

Ben & Noelle Kilgore
A Resting Place
(Integrity Music)

On their debut EP entitled A Resting Place, Tulsa-based worship leaders Ben & Noelle Kilgore encourage the toward such a posture—from their gentle musical style to lyrical themes of hope, adoption, and grace. Drawing influence from classic hymns and psalms, the Kilgores let their vulnerability shine with warm, sincere singing and sparse production. You’ll find encouraging praise in “Grace, Grace” (featuring guest vocals from David Leonard of All Sons & Daughters), heartfelt lament in “He Made Me, He Loves Me,” and hopeful passion in “Oh My Soul.”

“Leading worship… means you’re walking with people through the best and worst,” says Noelle. “It’s okay to worship in the brokenness.” That honesty and love drives every song on this EP and creates an inviting space, no matter where you find yourself. In a world full of noise, A Resting Place is a comforting musical refuge you’ll want to return to again and again.

–Jen Rose Yokel

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