Alejandro Monteverde: ‘Little Boy’ movie review
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Alejandro Monteverde: ‘Little Boy’ movie review

Little Boy is a BIG movie in that its potential appeal is far reaching. Anyone with children, and even kids (big and smallish) old enough to understand the family dynamic, will instantly relate. It’s also a big-little film from the standpoint that director/writer Alejandro Monteverde (Bella) and Metanoia Films spared no expense for stellar on-screen talent. Although it may lack the marketing punch of the latest action blockbuster, seasoned actors like Michael Rapaport, Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson, and comedian Kevin James allow easy access for even the most casual moviegoer. Lead character Pepper Flynt Busbee played by Jakob Salvati delivers a smash hit performance in his silver screen debut. Its PG-13 rating is accurate, in that the subject of racism set in World War II America is interwoven into the film’s storyline. Caution: Do not over-analyze (or criticize) the spiritual implications that hover along the surfaces of this unique story. Rather, sit back and enjoy Little Boy for its cinematic beauty, challenging messages, and the simple fact that a night out at the movies can once again be a positive and heartwarming experience.

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