For this issue of CCM Magazine, we had the privilege of catching up with one of our all-time favorite artists, Chuck Dennie. If you know that name, you remember that Chuck was the former lead singer of the group, By The Tree.

By The Tree amassed success in the early 2000s with popular releases such as Invade My Soul (a Billboard Top 40 album, which also garnered two Dove Awards—buy), Root (buy), and Hold You High (buy). That venture then took Dennie on a ten-year career as a pastor, serving large churches. All the while, Chuck preached love but hated himself. Read our feature, or check out his blog—he’ll tell you this was true.

Like never before, our culture screams at us to be “successful.” In turn, it also feels like it screams at us when we don’t meet up to certain levels of perceived “success.” The pressures are unreal, and before we know it, we’re performing. Suddenly, our standard is no longer Jesus—in fact, it’s everything but Him.


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