Nashville, TN (January 11, 2019)
Worship pastor Corey Voss, the writer behind “I Got Saved” and “Praise The King” and voice behind the popular “God Who Moves the Mountains,” introduces his church creative team, Madison Street Worship, with the appropriately titled new album, Songs of the House, available globally February 8.

Watch Corey’s video for “God Who Moves the Mountains here:

Songs of the House delivers just that: new worship songs that reflect the revival happening at Gateway Shelbyville, a multi-generational, multi-cultural Tennessee congregation situated on the small town’s main thoroughfare of Madison Street. Combining themes of belonging, family, healing and freedom in Christ, Songs of the House follows Songs of Heaven & Earth, the full-length album debut from Voss whose combined streams total over 25 million.

For the 10-track Songs of the House, listeners will hear not only Voss and team, but the congregation singing along as well with raw energy and joy. Perhaps it is because these are their songs birthed from and for the local church. It is a natural outflow of the songwriting culture developed by Voss and Gateway’s pastor, Jason Daughdrill.

“The local church is where songs should start,” says Voss. “Doing life together, knowing one another. Our filters are, ‘what do our people need to sing?’ and ‘what is going to lift them up and help them encounter God?’. Our prayer is that others will connect to them as well.”

Songs of the House is available for pre-sale beginning January 18, offering the immediate download of stand-out track and future congregational favorite “Praise Your Name.” The song sets the tone of the entire project, declaring authority over anything that might distract from the Kingdom of God.

I’m gonna sing my way out of the valley / I’m gonna shout my way up to the mountain
I will take hold of the truth of Your promise / I’m gonna praise, I’m gonna praise…
Fear and depression / Shame and confusion / You have to bow

From there, the team launches into “Liberator,” another atmosphere-shifting song that invites others into the transformational presence of God.

The Liberator is in the house / The sound of healing is breaking out…
The God of Heaven is speaking now / His word is tearing our strongholds down
Step into the freedom / Step into the freedom we’ve found

In every track, listeners will hear a church reawakened and on fire. Only seven years ago, Gateway Shelbyville was struggling along with less than 60 people when Daughdrill stepped in as pastor. Shortly after, Voss joined the church and soon others began finding their way to what has become a booming community of over 1,000 members in rural, middle Tennessee.

“We feel like a family with God gathering us all together, from all over” says Daughdrill. “It’s humbling to see the grace of God carrying us through and raising up a movement of worshipers.”

Agreeing, Voss adds: “Humbling and beautiful… to watch Him carrying us through hard seasons, into growth and revival. And all of that has been written into these songs.”

Songs of the House (Integrity Music) will be available through all major Christian music platforms with related worship resources available through

The complete tracklist for Songs of the House:

1. Praise Your Name (featuring Corey Voss)
2. Liberator (featuring Annalise Bush)
3. Across The Earth (featuring Corey Voss)
4. Holy Places (featuring Corey Voss & Harley Rowell)
5. Found Your Love (featuring Annalise Bush)
6. More Than Anything (featuring Olivia Calderwood & Corey Voss)
7. We Know There’s More (featuring Corey Voss)
8. Lay Me Down (featuring Jenna Transki & Lee Bataller)
9. We’ve Won (featuring Mary Faxon)
10.We Come (featuring Corey Voss & Michaela Barrett)

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