Nashville, TN (May 14, 2020)
If it wasn’t already apparent by their band name, Imlay City, MI’s own WE ARE ONE don’t like to do things apart. However, since we’re all having to live life more separated under these issued pandemic regulations, the creative wheel has had to spin a bit differently these days—but that doesn’t mean it has to come to a complete stop.

Proving they can be more-than productive within the friendly confines of their own walls, WE ARE ONE—all six of them—just issued this spectacularly-shot cell phone split-screen video of their song “WILD” from their previous released album titled SEVEN.

Check out the video below:

I was born in the pasture
In the wild where the strong survive
But I’m weak and defenseless
I need a Guide that can fight the odds

I took a dive off a mountain
Dumbstruck, I followed the leader
Crashed hard, I’m broken
So lost in my darkest hour

I’m running far
Please save me from myself

’Cause I was made to live wild
In the pride where the weak survive
I was born to roam free
No cage can contain, can contain me

I’m still young but I’m learning
To fight hard, be strong, Lord, I’m willing
I see the rod, now I follow
Through deep waters I look for the rainbow

I lift my head when the storm comes
Rise up to the clouds from the ocean
Look down on the treetops
I’m not tired I could soar for miles

I dipped my hand into my sin but let go and Love came in
Now I lift my hands ‘cause I am free
I’m running wild with my family
I’m unchained, unashamed ‘cause my Savior
Lived wild on a cross as a Victor
I lift my hands ’cause I am free
‘Cause He’s a Lion and He’s the King

I’m wild
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
(I’m wild)

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