Nashville, TN/Bath, UK (October 23, 2020)
Even Now, the live project from UK-based music collective Orphan No More Co, released today, October 23, at all music outlets. Comprised of eleven songs offering hope for those feeling brokenhearted, weary, and lost, Even Now is certainly an album for our times. Three singles dropped early leading up to today’s debut, and their live videos are now available: the title track “Even Now,” as well as “I Belong” and “Roll My Stone.”

Desiring the album to be a space for those who are brokenhearted, weary, and lost, Orphan No More Co also wants Even Now as a space for shouts of praise and gratitude. “This album is space for it all, the full human experience,” explains Joshua Luke Smith, co-founder of Orphan No More.

Orphan No More Co is not only a music community but it is also their mandate, mission, and conviction. “We believe our world needs to know a hope that prevails and a belonging that isn’t dependent on what we can or can’t do,” Smith shares. “We belong because we are loved, we have hope because we believe our stories will be redeemed. One of the last things Jesus said to His followers before He died was, ‘I will not leave you as orphans.’ He was speaking of a spiritual state, where we live as those who are loved, found, and connected with God and one another.”

This is also true for the title song, “Even Now,” a lament and an exaltation which was written the night when Esther, a young mother and a core member of the Orphan No More community, went to be with the Lord. Smith says, “As a community we’re passionate about creating space for those in grief, for those at a loss and searching for help and hope. This is something we’ve lived. We lost Esther, our best friend, and one of the founders of Orphan No More in 2018 after a battle with breast cancer. We believe this is a song for this season, in all its calamity and confusion. May this song wrap you in resurrection hope, may you know, in the depths of your soul that your story isn’t over.”

“Even Now” official live video:

EVEN NOW tracklisting:
I Belong
Even Now
Even Now Story
The Fire
The Fire Reprise
Write My Story
Roll My Stone
The Mystery
New Thing

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