Carol Stream, IL (September 23, 2022)
Tyndale Momentum has announced the upcoming release of Dangerous Jesus in March 2023, the debut book from Dove Award–winning rapper, speaker, and podcaster Kevin “KB” Burgess. The book is about the most dangerous man KB has ever me…Jesus Christ.

In Dangerous Jesus, KB reintroduces readers to the true Jesus, “the one who poses a living threat to the status quo, our division and our rebellion.” KB refers to Jesus as “the kind of dangerous that is so infused with power from on high that nothing stays the same when He walks into the room.” He considers the love of Jesus to be “so strong, it’s intoxicating,” and his truth “so good, it sets people free.” In his book he implores readers to reconnect with this Jesus to become a threat to the threats—to be dangerous.

Tackling some of the hardest issues of today (race, nationalism, division, sanctity of life, sexuality), KB draws a hard line between the “Christianity of the Land” (which worships power and comfort) and the “Christianity of Christ,” which challenges us to worship, follow, and reflect the Savior. And he does it all with his eyes laser-focused on Jesus.

KB has become a No. 1 hitmaker and has received critical acclaim for his studio releases with placement on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and top 5 on the Billboard Top Rap Album Chart. KB is cohost of the popular podcast Southside Rabbi. His Glory Alone (HGA)—a movement he spearheaded, made up of multiethnic urban men and women from all walks of life—has amassed a loyal following around the globe.

“They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Never has that been more true than in Dangerous Jesus. KB’s writing is powerful, lyrical, and razor-sharp. I couldn’t be more proud to be KB’s publisher, and I can’t wait for readers to encounter the Jesus he’s writing about,” said Sarah Atkinson, Vice President and Publisher, Tyndale Books.

Author, poet, Bible teacher, and hip-hop artist Jackie Hill Perry says in her foreword, “To pick up this book, after reading its title and still deciding to engage with its content, you have to have some level of bravery in you. Some propensity for danger. I’ve come to see that KB is good at that. At making swords approachable. If you haven’t noticed this already, it’s all through his music. Every song cuts and never coddles, but because it moved you to dance, or sing, or jump, or shadow box with nothing or someone, you sang a dangerous song out loud without flinching. This work is the same, but beware: there’s no music underneath the cutting to make it more palatable. No bass to move you, but trust me, this will move you still. Towards Jesus first. Towards people second. Away from yourself and into a better version that is ready to die to the easy Christianity that’s popular. This book is a land mine, a double-edged sword, a cultural critique and theological commentary. KB has the pen of a writer and the heart of a shepherd.”

In addition to Perry, endorsers of Dangerous Jesus include bestselling author and Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer, and Grammy-winning recording artist and New York Times bestselling author Lecrae, who said, “KB is one of the most poignant and unique voices of our time. He finds a way to weave unapologetic truth into relatable stories that shine a light on the goodness of God.”

To complement this release, Tyndale plans to release a Dangerous Jesus streaming video curriculum and participant’s guide in the summer of 2024.

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