Atlanta, GA (May 4, 2022)
TRIBL is more than a group of individuals or space, it’s the point of genesis of a new worship sound. The Tribl Nights Anthologies series is a compilation of those moments. A series of covered songs with inspired worship moments and new songs featuring traditional Gospel and Christian music artists who would otherwise never meet in a room. Tribl Nights Anthologies includes TRIBL artists, Maverick City Music, JJ Hairston, Jekalyn Carr, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, DOE, Melvin Crispell III, Amanda Cook and more TRIBL family and friends, coming together for this live worship series during the Summer of 2021.

Tribl Nights Anthologies YouTube Playlist:

Tribl Nights Anthologies Track List:
1. Too Good Not to Believe (feat. Lizzie Morgan, Cecily & Melvin Crispell III)
2. Be Praised (feat. Ryan Ofei & Joe L Barnes)
3. Ways for Me (feat. Dante Bowe)
4. We Have Hope (feat. Joe L Barnes, Jonathan Traylor & Lizzie Morgan)
5. Canvas and Clay (feat. DOE & Jonathan Traylor)
6. Never Lost (feat. Joe L Barnes, Lizzie Morgan & Melvin Crispell III)
7. Build My Life (feat. Joe L Barnes, Ryan Ofei & Jekalyn Carr)
8. Don’t Take Your Spirit Away From Me (feat. JJ Hairston)
9. If It Wasn’t for Jesus [Spontaneous](feat. Amanda Cook)
10. Names (feat. Amanda Cook)
11. Where Would I Be? (feat. Dante Bowe, Ryan Ofei & Brandon Lake)
12. Rest on Us (feat. Mariah Adigun & Jekalyn Carr)
13. King of Heaven (Reign Jesus Reign)(feat. Ryan Ofei, Nate Diaz & Lizzie Morgan)
14. King of Heaven [Agnus Dei](feat. Ryan Ofei, Nate Diaz & Lizzie Morgan)
15. Miracle in the Works (feat. Katie Torwalt & Jekalyn Carr)
16. My Hallelujah (feat. Katie Torwalt & Jekalyn Carr)
17. A Greater Mission (feat. Sam Collier)


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