Nashville, TN (September 2, 2022)
Todd Tilghman, the singer and dad who claimed the winning honors in season 18 of NBC’s The Voice, is returning to the airwaves September 9 with the intimate new single “Home Wasn’t Built in a Day.”

The song was cowritten with Lance Carpenter and Kelli Johnson. “Home Wasn’t Built in a Day” is an autobiographical account of the family Todd and his wife Brooke have built, which includes 8 kids (2 of whom are adopted). The country-slanted vocals are layered over heartfelt, poignant supporting instrumentation that Todd calls “the soundtrack for people who made a life together.”

“Every word is true and true to my own life and family,” the singer says of the new song. “When we wrote it, I don’t know that we set out with that goal. But throughout the write, it just became so very sentimental and personal to me.”

You can hear more about the song by watching the story behind the song on YouTube.

The song is an essential cornerstone of the music fans have come to expect from Todd, whose music has always been defined by his family and his faith. That story captivated the country during his time on The Voice. It’s continuing to propel him forward now, as an independent artist.

“We’re working hard and going strong,” Todd says. “I’m touring as much as I can, and writing as much as I can, and I’m recording as much as I can— and we’re doing it all independently. It’s a challenge, but I have a fantastic team helping me. Brooke keeps the household on lock when I’m on the road.”

That momentum has led Todd to his Grand Ole Opry debut, which will take place on September 10, the day after “Home Wasn’t Built in a Day” releases. He’ll be taking the stage alongside former The Voice coach Blake Shelton. It’s the latest entry in an eventful year for the songwriter, who has spent this year releasing singles like “Worth it All,” “Slow Down” and “In the Garden.” After all of that, he’s still just getting started.

“If you like Gospel music that’s also a full-on vibe with a gritty, swampy, dirt road feel, keep your eyes open,” Todd offers.

You can preorder “Home Wasn’t Built in a Day” at, and visit for more from Todd Tilghman.

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