McKinney, TX (December 29, 2020)
As a special event for families who are home for the holidays, the computer-animated version of the beloved classic story The Pilgrim’s Progress is streaming free of charge in American Sign Language (ASL). Thanks to the generous talents of the team at iSign Ministries, the story of The Pilgrim’s Progress will come to life for the deaf community.

Since the beginning, the team at RevelationMedia have been committed to translating The Pilgrim’s Progress into dozens of languages to help share the Christian journey with as many as possible around the world. This ASL translation joins a growing list of languages, as The Pilgrim’s Progress is now available to be also be streamed free of charge in English, Spanish, Farsi, Mandarin, Korean, Bengali, Nepali, Tamil, Urdu, German, Hindi, Arabic, French, and Vietnamese. All languages can be streamed at

Over 1 million Americans use ASL as their primary means of communication*, and worldwide there are more than 70 million who rely on sign language**. In a shocking statistic, only 2% of deaf people around the world have been introduced to the Gospel**.

The Pilgrim’s Progress is one of a few select films that have been translated into American Sign Language. “In working on translating The Pilgrim’s Progress over the past few years, we were surprised to realize that only a handful of Christian films have been translated into American Sign Language,” shares Executive Producer Steve Cleary. “In our work around the world, we have seen time and again how this centuries-old story continues to impact lives, and we are honored to offer anyone with hearing issues the experience of watching a film without subtitles.”
Since the English-language free streaming launch began in mid-March, over 497,000 families, schools, groups, and churches have registered to view this CGI-Animated epic story. Additionally, many of these families have become self-made ambassadors for the film by encouraging others in their community to take advantage of this free offer.

Throughout 2020, RevelationMedia has been bringing incredible stories of faith into homes across the world, free of charge. Also released through the platform this year have been The Christmas Candle (138,650 streams), The Cross and The Switchblade (79,523 streams), The Insanity of God (49,054 streams), and Patterns of Evidence: Exodus (75,348 streams).

The Pilgrim’s Progress will continue to be available to stream free of charge in 15 languages including ASL through January 30, 2021. Families are encouraged to share this offer with others in their church, school, and social communities.


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