We came together to rehearse on a crisp October afternoon in 2009 in an old church filled with wooden pews and beneath a looming pulpit, to try our hand at writing new worship songs. Though we’d already been leading worship together for years at conferences and events in our area, in taking a name and writing new songs of worship together we crossed a line in the sand–the starting line of an incredible adventure, and we crossed it together as brothers from different traditions, but the same Christ.

What God has done with four guys from a steel-town and some humble songs for the Church has been incredible, but we write today with bittersweet news: the finish line is in sight for us as a band. For The City Harmonic, this coming season will be the home stretch, with our last shows together occurring in the Summer of 2017.

The City Harmonic was always about uniting the Church in worship, and we’re eager to gather our friends and family in Christ together over the next season as we play our last shows together. While some dramatic event might have made for a better story, this is a healthy decision made between friends and the right thing at the right time. There may have been ups and downs, while ministry and the pressures of career and other things weighed on us, but this recent season has been a reminder of what’s most important to us.

As we traveled the country last Fall, working to bring churches together in united mission, Eric often said that “if this is the last thing we do, it’s worth it.” Though it wasn’t the end, it was certainly a moment in time that crystallized our values. Through this process it has become clear that our work together should live on as a call for the Church to embrace a simple idea—that the Church is better working together. For every tree that sprouts, a seed dies, and our prayer is that The City Harmonic is a seed of things to come in cities all across the world.


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