Nashville, TN (October 4, 2019)
Award-winning Christian music trio Selah will release their new album, Firm Foundation, on November 1.

The trio has released a new lyric video for the album’s debut song, “Jesus Is King.”

Watch it here:

“Jesus Is King” Lyrics:
When You speak, oceans part
The mountains will all bow down
When You breathe, there is life
The dead raise up from the ground

We’re gonna lift You higher
We’re gonna give You praise
You’re gonna reign forever
And always

Over the fears that we’re facing
Over the prayers that we’re praying
We know, oh we know
Jesus is king
Over the war that is raging
Every step that we’re taking
We know, oh we know
Jesus is King

When You bled on the cross
You broke the curse of sin
And You rose up to life
Now we are born again

King of kings and Lord of lords
You will reign forevermore
No other name could dare come close
Every knee will bow to You alone

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