Nashville, TN (November 1, 2019)
Award-winning Christian music trio Selah has released its new album, Firm Foundation, on Integrity Music. Firm Foundation is the first release with the new label partnership.

“We live in a day and age where everyone is being encouraged to find and live their own truth,” explains Selah’s Todd Smith about the new album’s theme. “Historically that only leads to chaos. Instead of the Church influencing culture, we are letting culture lead us. We have more access to the Word of God than any generation before us, and yet we are one of the most biblically illiterate generations. Selah is hoping and praying for a generation whose foundation is Jesus and the writings of His Apostles, and that God uses these songs to remind people to turn to Him. He is our hope, our joy, and our foundation. Hopefully, these songs speak truth about these things in some small way.”

“While we still sound the same, and while our hearts are still the same—we still desire to sing truth,” says Amy Perry of Selah. “There’s a little piece of each of us in this project, and I think it turned out beautifully.”

“I’m not afraid to try something new,” Alan Hall continues about the album. “I’m not afraid to fail. It’s not a failure if the songs minister to people.”

While Selah’s collections have never been restricted by genre, the tracks on Firm Foundation are as diverse as the musical upbringings and leanings as the artists behind them. Each is well-represented on the album. “My Soul Be Satisfied” and “Always Gonna Be” give a nod to Allan’s folk roots in East Tennessee. “Firm Foundation” features a back-up gospel choir with a nod to Todd’s upbringing. “Yet Not I, But Through Christ in Me” sounds like a new, old hymn—something the church will be singing for a long time, which showcases Amy’s background of church worship.

While stylistically Selah may have veered into new territory for this album, something they’re not veering from is truth—the truth of scripture and the truth of Jesus. This core message is summed up in the chorus of the title track, a powerful anthem that declares: I will not be moved for my feet are planted in you / A firm foundation / My solid rock / You can’t be shaken / You won’t be stopped. 

The new album features 11 tracks, and includes the first official song written by all three members of the trio titled, “Let The Saints Sing.” Firm Foundation also features a variety of styles such as the Americana track, “Always Gonna Be,” the introspective song, “My Soul Be Satisfied,” and the modern hymn, “Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me,” among others.

“Always Gonna Be” Lyric Video:

“Always Gonna Be” Lyrics:
There’s always gonna be
A valley full of shadows
Lonely nights when we
Have tears we need to cry
There’s always gonna be
Some prayers that seem unanswered
Moments you and me
Got a thousand questions why

But there’s always gonna be
A light that keeps on shining
There’s always gonna be
A hope that keeps us strong
We always will believe
In a love that will not leave us
So there’s always gonna be
The joy to journey on

There’s always gonna be
Some days the cupboard’s empty
The path is hard to see
Through worries and through doubt
Always gonna be
Some nights when it’s hard sleeping
Back down upon our knees
With dreams that don’t work out

Gonna journey on

There’s always gonna be
Some skeptics and some doubters
Stones they throw and we
Would rather run and hide
Always gonna be
Times our hearts are breaking
When songs are in the key
Of sorrow and goodbye

There’s always gonna be
The power of resurrection
There’s always gonna be
New mercies with the dawn
With truth that sets us free and the sweetness of His presence
There’s always gonna be
The joy to journey on 

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